Many people are surprised to learn that air conditioning units, though not connected directly to a water source, can still cause water damage due to condensation. Proper maintenance of your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is crucial to prevent such issues. This includes cleaning clogged drain lines, replacing them as necessary, ensuring the coils do not freeze up, and preventing pipes from rusting and leaking. Preventive maintenance not only helps avert water damage but also identifies potential problems before they escalate.

Understanding the Risks of Condensate Lines

A primary cause of water damage from HVAC systems is issues with the condensate line. This crucial component of your A/C system carries moisture from the air conditioner to an external drain. If this line becomes clogged, the resulting backup can cause leaks and significant water damage.

The Domino Effect: Condensation, Water Leaks, and Mold Growth

When condensation is unable to drain due to a clogged line, water can overflow into the drain pan and, depending on the unit’s location, spill onto ceilings, floors, or behind walls. This not only damages the HVAC unit but can also lead to extensive water damage and mold growth within the home. If you notice any of these issues, it’s crucial to call Archer Restoration immediately to mitigate damage and prevent further complications.

Signs Your Condensation Line May Be Clogged

If your air conditioner runs continuously without adequately cooling, or if the air feels humid, it’s time to check the condensate line for blockages. Homeowners with units in the attic should look for overflowing drain pans and water leaks in the attic or on the ceiling. Similarly, if your unit is in the basement, check if the water pan is full. Archer Restoration is just a call away if you spot these warning signs.

Frozen Coils: Another Culprit Behind AC Leaks

A less known issue is freezing evaporator coils, which can occur if the air filter is dirty and restricts airflow. Insufficient warm air over the coils can cause them to freeze, leading to ice formation. When the ice melts, it may cause your unit to malfunction or produce excess condensation. Contact Archer Restoration for quick assessment and repair of any damages caused by frozen coils.

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

It’s advisable to schedule annual HVAC maintenance before the onset of summer to prevent these issues. Changing your air filters regularly is also recommended. In Georgia, where air conditioning is essential, maintaining your HVAC system is not just about comfort but also about preventing potential damage to your home.

Case in Point: Recently, a homeowner discovered microbial growth on their ceiling due to condensation from an improperly maintained HVAC unit. (see photos, below) This is a clear call to action to keep Archer Restoration’s contact information handy for immediate assistance and to ensure your HVAC maintenance is up to date.

Seen in Photos: The Ceiling Was Wet and Damages were seen in the ceiling and attic areas.