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Storm Damage to a Home

In 2023, a powerful storm swept through a metro Atlanta town, wreaking havoc on trees, power lines, and homes. Following the storm, Archer Restoration was alerted to severe damage at a local residence. Fallen trees had crashed onto the property, one piercing through the roof into the attic, leading to extensive water damage throughout the home.

The accompanying photos illustrate the destruction: one tree breached the roof, compromising the attic and allowing rainwater to seep into the bathroom below. This resulted in water damage not only to the roof and attic, but also to the bathroom ceiling and behind the shower.

Upon arrival, our disaster response team promptly assessed the damage. It was evident that the heavy rains on the day of the storm had exacerbated the situation, with water flowing through the hole in the roof created by the fallen tree. From the attic, the water traveled downwards, further damaging the bathroom ceiling, and accumulating behind the shower wall.

Our first step was to remove all damaged materials to expose the wood framing, which was then cleaned and dried. We extracted all standing water and treated the remaining materials with an anti-microbial solution to prevent mold growth. Next, we employed drying equipment to ensure the structural integrity of the home. After thorough testing confirmed that all surfaces were dry, our repair team took over to restore the home to its pre-loss condition.

Understanding that water damage restoration can be a stressful ordeal, Archer Restoration prioritizes efficiency and thoroughness to alleviate homeowner stress and expedite the recovery process.

Photos Below, from left to right:

  1. Tree Punctured Roof Affecting Attic
  2. Tree & Water Affecting Bathroom Ceiling
  3. Trapped Water Damage Behind Shower

archer restoration, tree damage4

The after photos show a new bathroom with repaired ceiling, and a repaired roof and gutters on the home! 

archer restoration, tree damage