If you are a homeowner, then you know that you typically find mold growing in the dark, wet places of your home. Mold loves damp basements that have dark corners where it can hide from the light and ventilation. Mold also loves to grow in moisture-filled environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Mold can be hard to get rid of in these places, especially it there is hidden damage or water leaks beyond what you can see (like behind the wall).

Black mold is an extreme example of a mold problem, and it is toxic. While not all mold types are toxic, it is important to have them addressed by a professional mold remediation team to keep the problem from getting worse!

Many bathrooms will have signs of mold, so it is important to know what the signs of mold damage look like, and what is just on the surface.

Common Signs of Mold and what Causes Mold Growth:

  1. Humidity from hot showers is a common cause of bathroom mold, but you have to be sure water and mold is not getting behind the walls or behind the plumbing. A professional remediation company will be able to tell if there is a problem, with moisture reading devices or cameras.
  2. Leaky showers and faucets. Mold likes water leaks. It provides a good way for mold to grow. Tubs, sinks, showers… they are all susceptible to mold problems, especially if there is a leak. A remediation team (Like Archer Restoration) will inspect the source of the leak to remedy the whole problem and restore it.
  3. Tub/Shower walls or tile grout lines. With a steady source of water to feed the mold, and a nice steamy environment to make it comfortable, mold finds a surface to grow on, in many bathrooms. If you see that a corner or section of the shower seems to get mold build up quickly, call our team to check for mold behind the walls.
  4. Lack of ventilation. Be sure to use the vent in your bathroom when you shower. If you don’t use it, then the moisture from the water sits in the air and attaches itself to the walls or ceiling. Be sure that the fan in the ceiling is working and use it every time you shower.

If you aren’t sure how to tell if you have mold or water leaks, call us for Water and Mold Remediation Services! We will check your home thoroughly for water damage and mold damages.

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