Georgia has seen its’ share of tornadoes. To hear a tornado coming down your street, or to hear the alarm sound as you are driving or working outside, is a terrifying moment.

As tornado season approaches, it’s important to be familiar with standard safety protocol. At Archer Restoration Services, we want to share some helpful tips when faced with this kind of emergency. Tornadoes can be very damaging to homes, and can leave you traumatized if you are not prepared.

Find a safe space to wait out the storm: It is encouraged that you take shelter in a room without windows, and try to avoid large spaces like a gymnasium or warehouse, as the roof may collapse. Always take shelter in a physical building, avoid sheltering in cars, an RV, or an underpass.

If sheltering in a physical building is impossible, stay in your car with your seatbelt on, protect your head, and avoid parking near water.

Take water and flashlights into your safe room with you, in case you need to be there for a little while.

What is the difference between a Tornado warning versus tornado watch?

A tornado watch means to be on the lookout for potential tornados in the area and be ready in case there is a need for immediate action. A tornado warning means that a tornado is present and you should take shelter immediately.

Be prepared and always take cover when tornado warnings are present. Stay safe! And remember, if your home has any storm damage from lightning, heavy rains, trees that are resting on the home, or other tornado damage to your homes, give us a call!